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Here are some guidelines to ensure you are prepared for the studio

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Before Booking

Before you think about setting up a recording session ensure that you /or your band have material that is finished. Writing in the studio is very time wasting and may add an additional fee for using up time to write when the artist could be recording.

Make sure you are able to acquire payment for your project. If sessions run for multiple days then partial payment must be made on first day and the remainder on the last (full payment of first day also accepted) . If session runs for a single day then full payment must be made same day.

How much would my project cost?

email us or send us a message through Lights Out Studio facebook page and we will give you a quote.

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Session Booked

So you booked a session at Lights Out Studio? Awesome!

For efficiency and best possible results here is what we want from our clients 

  • Must know how to play to a metronome

  • Preferred Tempo(bpm) to songs to be known before tracking

  • Must note time signature changes if any

  • Send demo recordings of songs if any

  • Stringed instruments to be restrung prior to tracking if possible (guitars/bass guitars) 

  • Drums sets to be tuned and if possible have heads replaced if over 2 years of wear.

  • Clients are free to use studio equipment and gear at request

  • Arrive on time of scheduled session

  • Let engineer know if going to be late or session needs rescheduling a soon as possible

  • Clients are not allowed to bring any guests unless consulted to the engineer

  • Smoke-Free/Alcohol-Free environment  (Lets keep it that way)​

For any concerns or questions message your Audio Engineer.​

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Booking and Contact

send us an email or message us on the facebook page

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