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Lights Out Studio

Bring Your Music To Life!

Welcome to Lights Out Studio! This is first and foremost a musician's environment,comfortable and fun place for creativity to flow while still prioritizing productivity as well as top notch quality. We have experience in genres all across the board from heavy metal, to indie, and even synth pop. Located in San Antonio, Texas,This is recording by a musician, for musicians, and we're ready to help every step of the way. Whether you need a helping hand, or you have every element all planned out, we'll be the magic touch you need to bring your music to life. The proof is in the product, as demonstrated by our extensive portfolio that's teeming with talent.

We can't wait to add you or your band to that growing list.

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"Fantastic work from a well learned engineer in a space built specifically for it's intended purpose. Eliazar has experience with and love for numerous genres and styles, and has an amazing penchant for dialing in sounds and tweaking a mix or tone with a touch that will leave the end product even better than the sum of it's parts. Professional, to the point, and we'll structured sessions make this one of the most streamlined and efficient times I've ever had in a studio- and there's passion every step of the way. I'll have a hard time going anywhere else for tracking."

Johnnie Dominguez - The Frog & Bandit


"Highly recommend this studio for new bands
Lots of experience working with Lights Out Studio and they were some of the best I promise you."

Eli Salazar - Sanity's Last Breath


"Exceptional work. I would point any musician to this studio. The atmosphere is great, work gets done and in the end you get an amazing product of music. I recommend this studio to any musician from starting to beyond. Definitely going to keep working with this studio."

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